Yachts for sale

We have been here for more than three decades serving our guests with care and attention. We are group of professional captains who devoted their lives to serve clients interested in buying, selling and chartering luxury yachts in turkey and southwestern of Turkey as well. Considering running a business in the pristine waters of the Bosporus is quite a wise decision that you need not to hesitate about making. Our keel yachts in Istanbul are quite in good condition and are ready to cruise at any time. In fact, this is a privilege for you to consider yachts for sale because Istanbul is ready for cruising at any time of the year.

Yacht for sale

We highly recommend that you get your yacht for sale as soon as possible once September ends because this is the suitable time for buying in quite affordable pricing on your part. We promote hundreds of vessels in our portfolio whether newly built or second hand ones. We can help you build your yacht with your own design.

Yachts for sale more than three thousand yachts and gulets were tested then uploaded to our portfolio in order to address our clients’ needs concerning their planning for yacht for sale Istanbul. You can tell us about your budget and your preferences and we can help you locate your vessel that suits you in pricing and designing as well.